Amy Knights

ALK Wellness by Design

Victoria, Australia


Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Outcome Driven Counselling/Coaching, Breakthrough Therapy, Transformations, Weight management, Pain management, Stress management, Relaxation and calming, Achieving goals, Changing limiting beliefs and behaviours, Overcoming any unwanted habits, Insomnia and sleeplessness, Overcoming fears and phobias, Overcoming anxiety and depression, Overwhelm & Burnout Prevention, Overcoming addictions: smoking, alcohol, drugs, Building confidence, self-esteem and a healthy self-image, Motivation and procrastination, Improving relationships and reducing emotional insecurities, Facilitating overall wellness and a positive outlook, Effective public speaking Overcome Learning Difficulties

Patient Focus
Suitable for all ages young and old, Masculine or Feminine

Service Types
Holistic Hypnotherapy Time Line Therapy NLP Coaching
Yoga & Meditation Reiki.


About Founder of Alk Wellness by Design - Amy Knights

Holistic Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Success Coach.

Nurturing Heart Centred Practitioner, Outcome Driven Counselling and Coaching, passionate about prevention for burnout and overwhelm by allowing me to facilitate you letting go of past and things that no longer serve you, allowing you to learn how to break down what you need into strategic steps and also how to set healthy boundaries, learning how to say no through independent empowered thinking, feel the overall improvement and deepening the relationship with self, becoming truly authentic, strong and self aligned within, in turn opening up your world to creating and actualising your health, wealth, wellness, relationships, career and life how you want.

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Get to know Amy

Why did you become a therapist?
Why I chose to become knowledgeable in NLP, from a past trauma cycle, I unknowingly allowed others take advantage, which left me in a place where I needed to rebuild my self worth, self love and life, I then decided whilst training in NLP & Hypnotherapy as a form of “self development” that I wanted to educate myself and others as an empath, I wanted to facilitate help other become so educated they are infallible, where no one could mess with their actual core foundation of self love and in doing so becoming so empowered and had the knowledge doing so.

Now there’s something really important about self-love. When we talk about self-love, what’s important to know is that it’s not a light switch. It’s not just something we flick it on. It’s also not that you either have self-love or you don’t love yourself. It is the intentional habit, a belief we create daily, the result of your relationship with yourself and it is a daily practice with yourself with the foundation of what you want to instil within yourself more than anything else, that it is the core of you, which for me is I am worthy of receiving, self love, love from others, abundance in health and wealth, unlimited and uncapped source of income, and I give & am open to receiving value, everyday I facilitate others in self empowerment to change their lives to ask for, actualise and receive the life that they truly desire and asked for, I am valuable, in doing so, I am enough and so are you.

What’s the one thing you wish all clients knew about you?
Amy has always been a nurturer with a holistic approach to life.
After going through her own trauma and struggles in life, and going through different processes and practices that eased momentarily, Amy with an empathic heart knew there had to be something that could make long term change, finally in 2020 receiving a breakthrough a process called NLP, Time Line Therapy(R) and Hypnosis, discovering the key to highly effective long term change, so in completing a Diploma of Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming studying to Master Practitioner and Trainer level.
Now open heartedly here to serve you with a whole heart.

What inspires you?
Helping others create effective change in life. Understanding the mind, effective self-talk and communication with others. It’s my strong belief that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, what you think whether you can or you can’t is true, so lets be present and actualise a future exactly the way you want it.

Other areas of focus

Focus Areas:
Anxiety, Behavior Problems, Depression, Mental Health, Panic Disorders, Stress

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy®️
NLP Coaching
Breathe work

Education and training

Years in Practice:
Hypnotherapist & NLP: 4 years
Yoga, Meditation, Breathe work and Mindfulness: 12 years
Reiki Practitioner: 12 years

Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (abhnlp)
Master Practioner in Time Line Therapy®️
Master Practitioner in NLP Coaching
Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training
Level II Reiki Practioner

Work Experience:

  • Private practitioner in Multi-disciplinary allied health clinic (4 years)
  • Multiple years of experience gained across multidisciplinary practitioner roles (15+ years)

Fees & Insurance

Please enquire with practitioner for fees

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Languages Spoken

Practice location

Victoria Australia

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Business Name: ALK Wellness by Design

Telephone : 0423 468 122

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