Employee Assistance Program

We assist teams in maintaining their motivation for a happier work environment via our EAP Providers. With a wide array of EAP Providers available, simply select the one that aligns with your company's requirements. Start browsing and searching today.

Mindfulness and Performance

At Mind Hub Directory, we offer a bespoke and boutique Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Here is 5 reasons to why our offering is better than a generic EAP program.

1. Tailored to your company's specific needs: A bespoke and boutique EAP can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company and your employees. The program can be designed to address the specific issues and concerns that are most relevant to your workforce.

2. Personalised service: With a bespoke and boutique EAP, your employees can receive more personalised and individualised support. They can work directly with a counsellor or coach who understands their specific needs and can provide tailored support.

3. High-quality support: A bespoke and boutique EAP typically offers a higher quality of support than a more generic program. The counsellors and coaches are often more experienced and specialised, and can offer a greater depth of expertise.

4. Increased employee engagement: By offering a bespoke and boutique EAP, you can demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being and create a more engaged and positive workforce. This can help improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

5. Competitive advantage: Offering a bespoke and boutique EAP can help your company stand out from competitors and attract top talent. It can also help you create a more positive reputation as an employer that cares about its employees.

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We offer a diverse selection of EAP providers, each representing an investment in your employees' well-being. By offering top-tier programs, businesses underscore their dedication to their employees' mental health. Keep in mind that each provider has its unique pricing structure, so we encourage you to reach out directly for inquiries.


  • Up to 25 staff
  • From AUD $1850 +GST* billed monthly
  • No lock in contracts


  • Hourly Sessions Per Team Member
  • No lock in contracts.
  • From AUD $350 +GST* billed hourly

Feel free to get in touch with us for an informal discussion about our tailored EAP Providers. We'll guide you in identifying the most suitable provider for your business without any commitment.