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Title: Alexii Pavlakos
Email: support@mindhubdirectory.com
Postal address: Suite 90/3 Albert Coates Lane Melbourne 3000

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BASIC Package: $29.90 Month to Month

  •  Profile Image
  •  1 Health Concern
  •  1 Practitioner Type

GOLD Package: $41.58 Month to Month

  •  Profile Image
  •  Company Address
  •  Google Maps
  •  Practitioner Description
  •  Unlimited Heath Concern
  •  10 Practitioner Type
  •  Patient Focus
  •  1 Company Video
  •  Show Website Link
  •  Phone Number
  •  Insurance Fees
  •  Share Profile Options
  •  Online Consulting
  •  Online Booking Enquiry Form

PLATINUM Package: $79 Month to Month

  •  Profile Image
  •  Company Logo
  •  Company Address
  •  Company Description
  •  Google Maps
  •  Practitioner Description
  •  Area Of Focus
  •  10 Practitioner Type
  •  Unlimited Health Concern
  •  Patient Focus
  •  1 Company Video
  •  Show Website Link
  •  Phone Number
  •  Insurance Fees
  •  Share Profile Options
  •  Online Consulting
  •  Online Booking Enquiry Form
  •  EAP Contract Start Up
  •  EAP Provider
  •  Patient Records
  •  Smart Calendar
  •  Clinical Invoicing
  • Online Booking Enquiry Form
  • EAP Contract Start-Up
  • Badge Indicating Listing As Our EAP Provider
  • Patient Records
  • Smart Calendar
  • Clinical Invoicing

14.1 Cancellation:

  • Clients may terminate their account by submitting written notice to support@mindhubdirectory.com within a 30-day period. It is important to be aware that the contractual agreement operates on a month-to-month basis.

14.2 Renewal and Notice:

  • The contract operates on a monthly basis and will automatically renew according to the terms outlined in the agreement. In the event of any modifications, we will communicate them to the client in writing. Should the client wish to cancel, they may do so by providing written notice to support@mindhubdirectory.com.

14.3 Account Setup:

  • To initiate an account, the Client is required to complete the registration process on the Mind Hub Directory website at https://mindhubdirectory.com/advertise/. Following registration, Mind Hub Directory will reach out to the Client to validate details and facilitate payment prior to account activation. Account activation may necessitate supplementary verification of identity, qualifications, and business authorization.

14.4 Payment:

  • To remit payment for the chosen package, clients can opt for monthly payments facilitated by Ezi Debit subsequent to selecting their preferred package on the website. The available packages are listed on the “List your business” page at https://mindhubdirectory.com/advertise/. To make a selection, please navigate to the provided link and click on the desired package. Subsequently, you will be redirected to Ezi Debit for the processing of payments.

14.5 Amendment of Packages:

  • Mind Hub Directory retains the authority to periodically amend the advertising packages. Clients will be provided with advanced written notice of any such amendments. Clients will receive notifications regarding payment modifications no later than 30 days prior to the effective date of the changes.

14.6 International Billing:

  • For clients outside of New Zealand, international billing procedures will be implemented. Invoices will be issued separately, with payments processed in AUD after currency conversion, and will not encompass any GST charges. It is important to be aware that Ezi Debit does not accommodate international payments. Consequently, alternative billing methods and payment gateways will be made available to international clients.