Annie Yahaya

Muslim Women Coaching Academy Founder -Annie Yahaya


Founder of Muslim Women Coaching (MWC) & Master Certified Life Coach.

Patient Focus
Professional Women, Women Entrepreneurs

About Annie Yahaya

Amidst challenges, Annie shifted from executive coaching to empowering women, particularly within the Muslim community, through faith-based conversations. Crafting coaching curriculums, she aimed to propagate strength, compassion, and wisdom, making a significant contribution to societal well-being.

Get to know Annie

What motivated your choice to pursue a career as a practitioner?
8 weeks into the nationwide lockdown caused by Covid-19, I struggled to pull myself together having had to deal with drastic changes in my personal needs, to care for the increasingly 

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confused household and an aging parent, and manoeuvring a business which operations needed major considerations. There were the phones that wouldn’t stop ringing, and calls from friends and clients who were seeking comfort in what they viewed as a catastrophe because they were no longer in control of things. 10 years of executive coaching experience couldn’t prepare me for conversations that could comfort anxious hearts and tame racing minds. I began to feel incomprehensible fatigue, and started to wither away in spirit myself.

A few good sleeps and reads later, I decided to start taking charge and change things for good, lockdown or not. I squared my shoulders, created new routines for everyone, signed up to be trained as virtual facilitator, updated my personal empowerment programs, and gathered friends together online to talk about the meaning of life. I decided to focus on women because I felt their pains and speak their ‘language’ of motherhood and the roles a woman plays in her life. I also chose to work with Muslim women particularly because much were misunderstood about my faith. I wanted to centre our conversations around the remembrance of Allah the Creator and Prophet Muhammad PBUH His Messenger. It was absolutely the right time for faith-based conversations to take centre stage. 

Fired with new-found purpose, I created coaching curriculums that enable women to master coaching skills so they may support their families and communities, and spur their own economy by starting a coaching practice. Making alive the power of faith, and spreading strength, compassion and wisdom of women all over the world were the underlying goals. I wanted to normalize purpose-conscious conversations and contribute to the much-needed mental and emotional wellbeing of the society.

The Certified Conscious Conversation™ Coaches are sisters whose backgrounds are colourful and unique. While they vary in their coaching niches, they are bound together by their faith-based coach training at MWC.

What would you like every client to know about you?
hat I wish for all client to know is that they can impact change in their lives, no matter how impossible it seems to them right now, no matter how big the change is or unclear the ‘how’ is. What stops us from doing anything worthy of doing is self-doubt; we are fearful of our own commitment to its fulfillment. We fear the road to success!

Life coaches support the process in many ways, and the most pronounced is the accountability partnership that is agreed upon between the coach and her client at the start of the engagement. Coaching is about both coach and client partnering to explore goals and desires, and blocks and barriers to achieving them. A coach is her client’s biggest cheerleader, as much as she is her challenger.

What serves as your inspiration?
I am inspired by women who recognize their own potentials and work hard in fulfilling them, for the sake of the ummah. I am also inspired by women who appear to have nothing much but successfully raise wholesome God-loving children. I am inspired by hardworking women who enliven the lifestyle of dunya for akhirah. All these are deep levels of self-awareness that drive them to take inspired actions, the kind many are seeking to find. The conversation on purpose and meaning of life is the baseline dialogue to be had, the answer to one’s inexhaustible fuel for her journey forward. 

I am motivated by the sheer will for change that my clients show as they begin their journey of growth. This will, is invaluable.

What can clients expect in their first session with you?
In our first session together, my clients will feel deeply comfortable in their sharing because I hold space for them with no judgment and presuppositions. They will feel heard and valued for I believe that we all experience events in our lives for good reasons and within those events are values we must explore as ways to move forward.

In our sessions, clients will experience highly personalized and creative ways to discovering self, to exploring options, to taking actions and to making supplications while remembering the Creator and His Messenger. Clients will be left with practical tools and plans to work on before they meet me again in following sessions.

Other areas of focus

Focus Areas:

  • Personal Growth & Self-Discovery
  • Confidence & Empowerment
  • Goal Setting & Action Planning
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Transition & Life Changes
  • Time Management & Productivity


  • Essence of Life™ Creative Coaching & Conversation
  • Faith-based references, ie. Qur’an & Hadith
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • NS-NLP
  • Mindfulness Techniques

Education and training


  • Accredited Master Life Transformation Coach (USA/India) – Passed with Distinction
  • Certified Professional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Coach (PEKA, Msia)
  • Master Certified Life Coach (Boston, USA)
  • Certified Happiness Coach (Berkeley, USA/India)
  • Accredited Advanced Virtual Leadership Coaching Professional (UK)
  • Certified ESQ Professional Coach (Indonesia)
  • Certified SOIF Coach (Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health (Australia)
  • Certified Virtual LearnCaster Practitioner & Facilitator (Malaysia)
  • Certified Professional Learning Facilitator (Malaysia)
  • Certified PLF Business Facilitator (Malaysia)
  • Certified HRDF Trainer
  • Certified Master Performance Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Neuro-Semantics-NLP Meta Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach Master Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotic & Timelines Practitioner
  • Certified LIFO Trainer
  • Certified MBTI Practitioner

Work Experience:
In the last 3 years, I have worked with professional women and entrepreneurs from 13 countries over their life and work challenges.

Testimonies are available upon request.

Fees & Insurance

$150 AUD per hour
Does Not Accept Private Health Funds

Additional details

Languages Spoken
English, Malay/Indonesian

Practice location

Available for online sessions

Phone: +60 111 313 2796