Celine Cenik

Celine Cenik

Paris, France

Certified ICF Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Enneagram Specialist.

Patient Focus
Individuals in Adulthood, Senior Citizens,
Communities with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Couples Counseling, Nonverbal Communication Challenges (CNV)

About Celine Cenik

Celine Cenik, an experienced professional with a decade-spanning diverse roles, excels in communication and seeks growth in education, lifestyle coaching, and yoga meditation. Her expertise lies in crafting therapeutic programs, workshops, and guiding individuals and families toward recovery, backed by proficiency in multiple languages and a commitment to continual learning.

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Why did you decide to become a therapist?
I am a seasoned and tenacious professional boasting a decade of experience across various domains, including private practice, corporate environments, and specialized projects in the realm of senior and adolescent care. Throughout my career, I have eagerly embraced challenges and adeptly navigated through shifts and transformations. My core strengths are rooted in exceptional communication prowess and a genuinely personable demeanour built upon sincerity.

At present, I am actively seeking avenues to broaden my professional horizons by enthusiastically taking on novel roles centred around educating and mentoring adolescents and adults in the sphere of lifestyle coaching. My passion lies in furnishing coaching support and delivering yoga meditation services within organizational frameworks. I am particularly keen on imparting invaluable skills such as assertiveness training, conflict resolution, and cognitive restructuring. Moreover, I am enthusiastic about contributing as a consultant across diverse settings.

With an extensive background spanning three years as a Life Coach and in providing Yoga and Reiki support, I have meticulously crafted therapeutic programs and overseen group therapy sessions encompassing mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and relationship complexities. My expertise extends to delivering training modules and conducting psycho-educational workshops for staff and family members, alongside rendering debriefing support post-critical events.

Proficient in French, Turkish, and English, I have earnestly served these communities with unwavering dedication. My foremost objective is to aid individuals and their families in comprehending the challenges faced by their loved ones, while equipping them with the essential skills to foster recovery. My central focus revolves around nurturing positive self-esteem, resilience, and effective coping mechanisms, thereby cultivating a welcoming therapeutic environment tailored precisely to each client’s distinct requirements.

With a background encompassing international real estate and a strong educational foundation in trauma, resilience, post-traumatic stress, burnout, personality disorders, premenstrual disorder, NLP coaching, pranayama, meditation, and art meditation, my commitment to perpetual learning significantly enriches my work. This dedication not only bolsters my insights but also fortifies my ability to assist individuals grappling with these intricate conditions.

What’s one thing you wish all clients knew?
As a compassionate and empathetic professional, holding a certified ICF coaching qualification, my commitment lies in guiding clients towards their objectives. Throughout our journey, I offer varying levels of support, recognizing that progress can entail diverse needs. Our shared path involves navigating mental challenges while fostering a journey towards enhanced well-being, bolstering positive self-esteem, and nurturing resilience.

My approach is characterized by warmth and collaboration, ensuring that every individual receives customized assistance. Embracing fresh responsibilities, I am eager to provide education and training in life coaching, alongside delivering counselling and mediation services. Whether within organizational settings or through one-on-one interactions, my goal is to empower you to carve a path towards well-being, strengthening your position, and becoming the conscious architect of your life with heightened awareness. Together, we can forge a route to personal growth and empowerment.

What inspires you?
The chance to create a positive influence on people’s lives and empower them to surmount obstacles and attain a state of well-being serves as her constant motivation.

What can clients expect in their first session with you?
During our initial session, you can anticipate a compassionate and empathetic approach. I am fully dedicated to offering consistent assistance during your process, establishing a secure environment for open expression. Collectively, we will engage in a collaborative effort to comprehend your individual requirements and aspirations. Subsequently, we will craft a personalized treatment strategy, utilizing techniques such as NLP and art meditation, alongside yoga meditation and cognitive support, to guide your journey towards healing from trauma and achieving your desired outcomes.

Other areas of focus

Engaged as an expatriate across different European and Middle Eastern nations, focusing on promoting emotional well-being and mental health for over 15 years.
  • Anxiety Management
  • Addressing Behavior Challenges
  • Overcoming Depression and Burnout
  • Enhancing Mental Well-being
  • Dealing with Panic Disorders
  • Stress Reduction Strategies
  • Cross-Cultural Coaching

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Techniques
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Utilizing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Engaging in Meditation
  • Incorporating Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)
  • Exploring Yoga Mudras

Education and training

B.A. in Sociology, Bachelor of Social Science
M.S.Ed. in Education, Master of Science of Education
Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, certified in 2020
Certified NLP and Leadership Coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Self-Practice: 10 years of personal development journey

Work Experience:
Private Practitioner in Holistic Therapy, specializing in:

  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis (Ericksonian)Mudra Yoga
  • Nordic Walk Meditation
  • Nordic Walk Yoga
  • Pranayama (Breathwork)
  • Art Meditation

Possessing extensive experience acquired through various roles, all centered around the exploration of human psychology and social consciousness. My deep interest in these subjects led me to travel to numerous countries, observing cultures and learning from diverse continents. These roles have been offered to me in Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Fees & Insurance

Online payment option is accessible
$150 AUD per hour

Additional details

Languages Spoken
English, French, Turkish

Practice location

Engage in annual online and international retreat journeys.
Destinations include Paris, London, Dubai, and Istanbul.

Virtual Sessions: Open for online consultations.

36 bis Rue Cotentin
75015 Paris