Helen Bahr

Traditional Chinese Healing Clinic

Wynnum West, Queensland, Australia

Traditional Chinese Healing Clinic offers personalized sessions, blending Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and massage therapy to address various well-being challenges. 

Patient Focus
Suitable for all ages young and old, Masculine or Feminine

Service Types
Energy Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine,Massage and other modalities.

About Helen Bahr- Founder of Traditional Chinese Healing Clinic

Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, Herbal Tea Bags, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Ear Candling and Facials.

Originating from China, Helen belongs to a generation of Herbal Medicine practitioners within her local village. From a tender age, Helen imbibed the profound knowledge of various herbs, and she seamlessly integrates this wisdom into her business today. Many of the therapies offered at her clinic bear her mark, showcasing her innovative spirit. Helen is not a Chinese Massage Practitioner but uses Chinese Medicines in her treatment regimes.

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Helen embarked on her journey in Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy back in 2008 when she initially practiced from her home in Manly West. She holds diplomas in Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, and Dry Needling. Furthermore, she boasts a Bachelor’s Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, granting her the esteemed title of Doctor of Acupuncture. In 2011, a significant turning point occurred as she rebranded her business to Traditional Chinese Healing and set up her clinic at its current location on Preston Road.

Helen is not only a Certified Dry Needling Practitioner but also the mastermind behind the innovative herbal tea bags, which have been instrumental in helping numerous clients overcome various health issues. Additionally, she formulates enzyme health drinks designed to address a wide array of internal health concerns, solidifying her role as a dedicated and versatile healer.

Get to know Helen- Founder of Traditional Chinese Healing Clinic

Why did you decide to become a practitioner?
Helen’s choice to pursue a career in therapy can be traced back to her family’s deep-rooted tradition. This ancestral lineage of healers has been a part of her life since childhood. Her village upbringing involved her grandparents and great-grandparents serving the kingdom in China, making this profession a hereditary legacy. Notably, her great-grandfather was a renowned Chinese doctor, serving as a profound source of inspiration.

Helen’s early years were spent in the company of her uncles and aunts who ventured into the mountains to gather herbal remedies for the local community. These experiences left a lasting impression on her, as she developed a genuine passion for helping people achieve better health.

What’s one thing you wish all clients knew?
The one thing we would like all our clients to understand about Helen is that her utmost priority is to empower her clients with the knowledge and tools they need to attain better health and ultimately, a more fulfilling lifestyle.

What inspires you?

Helen finds her greatest happiness when she can make a positive difference in her clients’ lives. Her joy is complete when her clients express their satisfaction and improved well-being.

Other areas of focus

Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health, Inner health, Inner Mind and Inner Heart, Stress, Weight Disorders

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Dry Needling, Herbal Tea Bags, Energy Healing, Pregnancy Massage, Chinese Modalities such as Scraping, Cupping, Reflexology

Education and training

Years in Practice:
16 years

Diploma in Remedial Massage
Diploma in Pregnancy Massage
Certificate in Dry Needling
Bachelor Degree in Acupuncture (Henan University China)- Doctor of Acupuncture
Bachelor Degree in Herbal Medicine (Henan University China)

Work Experience:
Private practitioner (16 years)

Fees & Insurance

Accepts Insurance
Fees – $ 90 Hourly Rate in AUD
Herbal Tea Bags – Price per treatment $80 (ten bags = 30/50 drinks)
Chinese Medicine – Moxibustion etc – up to $50

Additional details

Languages Spoken
English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Practice location

266 Preston Road, Wynnum West, Queensland, 4178
Online Visit: Available for online sessions.

Telephone : 0401 426 926