Wael Ibrahim

The Aware Academy- Wael Ibrahim

Perth, WA, Australia

Porn Addiction and Marriage Counselling.

Patient Focus
Individuals with addictive behaviors, married couples, and wives affected by their husbands porn addiction.

Service Types
Life Coaching and Retreats

About Wael

Wael Ibrahim has been working so hard in guiding individuals towards recovery and personal growth for so many years. As a result, The Aware Academy was founded as a platform dedicated to assisting people in overcoming their challenges, particularly in the realm of pornography addiction and related issues.

With a lot of experience and knowledge surrounding behavioral addiction, his strategies and insights are grounded in a combination of religious teachings, psychological principles, and practical strategies, making his life coaching techniques very comprehensive and relatable to a diverse range of individuals.

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Get to know Wael

Why did you become a therapist?
I met an 18-year-old boy whose porn addiction was driving him to contemplate suicide. I found it hard to imagine that such a tender heart would consider suicide because of graphic sexual content. I vowed to help him, protect him, and get him out of this dark period of depression and pornographic addiction.

Working with him led me to discover thousands of other people who had suffered the same tragedy. So, I decided to make assisting porn addicts and married couples struggling with the same vices my primary focus in life and my passion.

What’s the one thing you wish all clients knew about you?
I do not focus on what clients may believe is the most important or problematic issue. I lead them to a way of life that will eventually and unconsciously eliminate that undesirable issue.

What inspires you?
My faith. I am a Muslim who is inspired by his faith to assist everyone. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated: “The best of people are those who are most beneficial to others.”

What can clients expect in their first session with you?
In the first session, I usually ensure that the client understands that, first and foremost, I am here to provide an empathetic space where confidentiality is assured. We’ll then discuss the reasons for seeking therapy and collaboratively set some goals. I’ll attentively listen and provide insights while pacing the session for the client’s comfort. Expect validation, coping strategies, and a chance to understand the counselling process. The aim of our first dialogue is to establish trust and to lay down the foundations for future sessions.

Other areas of focus

Focus Areas:
I focus on assisting people with porn addiction and wives and/or married couples suffering from the impact of the same thing. I also help married couples reestablish their connection and rekindle their feelings with one another if their marriage was at the verge of divorce.

Life Coaching & Islamic Insights

Education and training

Years in Practice: 22 years

Tutoring / Mentoring:
I’ve conducted countless training and workshops around the world in places like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.

BA in Islamic Studies
Diploma in Counselling
Master Life Coach Certified

Work Experience:
Founder of the Aware Academy
Student Counsellor at the Australian Islamic College – Perth

Fees & Insurance

$150 AUD/hour
Bank Transfer

Additional details

Languages Spoken

Business Name
The Aware Academy


Practice location

42 Yomba Street, Kewdale, WA 6105, Australia

Online Visit: Available for online sessions