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1. Qualifications and Experience: A professional counselling service like Positive Breakthroughs work with qualified and experienced counsellors who are trained to work with a variety of mental health concerns. Our counsellors have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you work through your concerns effectively.

2. Individualised Approach: Our Professional counselling services provide an individualized approach to counselling. A Positive Breakthroughs counsellor will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

3. Evidence-Based Techniques: Our Professional counselling services use evidence-based techniques and approaches, which means that the counselling you receive is based on the latest research and proven to be effective.

4. Confidentiality: Counselling with Positive Breakthroughs is a private and confidential process, which means that what is said in counselling sessions is kept confidential. This can help to create a safe and trusting environment in which you can speak openly and honestly about your concerns.

5. Convenience: At Positive Breakthroughs we offer online counselling, which can be a convenient option for those who are unable to attend in-person counselling sessions or prefer the flexibility of online counselling.


1. Experience: A professional mediation service like Positive Breakthroughs has experienced mediators who have worked with a variety of clients and types of conflicts. This can provide reassurance that the mediator has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you navigate the mediation process effectively.

2. Neutrality: Our Professional mediators are neutral and impartial, which means that they do not take sides or favour one party over another. This can help to create an environment in which all parties feel heard and respected, and can work together to find a mutually agreeable resolution.

3. Confidentiality: Our mediation service is a private process, which means that what is said during the mediation cannot be used in a court of law. This can help to create a safe and confidential environment in which the parties can speak freely and honestly without fear of reprisal.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Positive Breakthroughs mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to more adversarial forms of conflict resolution, such as litigation. This is because mediation is typically less expensive and less time-consuming than going to court.

5. Focus on Relationship Preservation: Mediation with Positive Breakthroughs often places a strong emphasis on preserving the relationships between the parties involved, which can be especially important in contexts where ongoing relationships are important, such as in family disputes or workplace conflicts.

Trauma Counselling

1. Trauma-Specific Training: At Positive Breakthroughs, we have counsellors who are specifically trained in trauma-focused therapies. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to work with clients who have experienced traumatic events and help them process their trauma in a safe and effective way.

2. Evidence-Based Techniques: Our Professional trauma counselling services use evidence-based techniques and approaches that have been proven to be effective in treating trauma-related symptoms. This includes approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Inner Child therapy and others.

3. Individualised Approach: Our Trauma counselling is often tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client. A professional trauma counselling service may offer an individualised treatment plan that is specifically designed to help you work through your trauma and achieve your goals.

4. Safe and Supportive Environment: Trauma counselling with Positive Breakthroughs provides a safe and supportive environment in which clients can feel comfortable and secure as they work through their trauma.

Trauma Counselling with Inner Child Therapy

Inner child therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on helping individuals heal from emotional wounds that occurred during their childhood. The theory behind this approach is that everyone has an inner child within them, which represents their true self and their emotional needs.

Inner child therapy aims to identify and work through any negative experiences or emotions from childhood that may still be affecting a person's life in the present. Positive Breakthroughs therapist may use a variety of techniques to help the individual access and communicate with their inner child, such as visualisation exercises, guided meditations, or other forms of creative expression.

The goal of inner child therapy is to provide a safe and supportive space for the individual to work through any unresolved emotional pain, and to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and they're emotions. By processing and healing these past wounds, individuals may be better able to manage their emotions and relationships in the present, and to move forward with a greater sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.

Public Speaking & Confidence Coaching

1. Experience and Expertise: Our professional public speaking coaching services with Positive Breakthroughs have experienced coaches who can provide expert guidance on how to improve your public speaking skills. We provide practical advice on how to manage anxiety, develop effective speaking techniques, and engage with your audience.

2. Tailored Approach: Our professional public speaking coaching service offer a tailored approach to coaching, taking into account your specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This can help to ensure that you receive coaching that is relevant to your unique needs and objectives.

3. Practice and Feedback: Public speaking coaching with Positive Breakthroughs offer opportunities for you to practice you're speaking skills in a supportive environment, and receive constructive feedback on your performance. This can be a valuable way to develop your skills and gain confidence in your abilities.

4. Accountability: Working with a professional public speaking coach from Positive Breakthroughs may help to keep you accountable for your progress, and to stay motivated to continue developing your skills.

5. Effective Communication: We teach you the tools and skills to help you communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders. By developing your ability to articulate your ideas clearly and persuasively, you can better express your thoughts, convey your point of view, and collaborate more effectively with others.

6. Career Advancement: Public speaking skills with Positive Breakthroughs can also help you advance your career. Those who are effective public speakers are often seen as more confident, credible, and competent, which can lead to greater opportunities for promotions, raises, and other professional advancements.

Life Coaching

1. Clarifying Goals and Priorities: Positive Breakthroughs life coach can help you identify your goals, values, and priorities, and develop a clear plan to achieve them. By working with a life coach, you may gain a better understanding of what you want to achieve in your life, and how to make that vision a reality.

2. Building Self-Awareness: Life coaching with Positive Breakthroughs can help you develop greater self-awareness, and gain a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By becoming more self-aware, you can develop greater confidence, make better decisions, and improve your relationships with others.

3. Overcoming Obstacles: Our life coach can help you identify and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. By working with a coach, you may develop new strategies for dealing with challenges, and gain a greater sense of resilience and perseverance.

4. Improving Relationships: Life coaching with Positive Breakthroughs can help you improve your relationships with others, by developing better communication skills, learning how to set boundaries, and gaining a greater understanding of others' perspectives.

5. Increasing Motivation and Accountability: Working with a life coach from Positive Breakthroughs can help you stay motivated and accountable as you work towards your goals. By setting regular check-ins and accountability measures, a life coach can help you stay on track and make progress towards your goals.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a form of professional coaching that is focused on helping individuals in leadership roles, such as executives, managers, and business owners, to improve their skills, performance, and overall effectiveness in the workplace. Here are some potential benefits of executive coaching:

1. Leadership Development: Executive coaching with Positive Breakthroughs can help individuals develop the skills and traits necessary to be effective leaders, such as communication, delegation, decision-making, and strategic planning.

2. Improved Performance: By working with an executive coach from Positive Breakthroughs, individuals can identify areas for improvement in their performance, and develop strategies to address them. This can lead to increased productivity, better results, and improved overall performance.

3. Personal and Professional Growth: Executive coaching with Positive Breakthroughs can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness. This can lead to personal and professional growth, increased confidence, and a greater sense of fulfilment.

4. Change Management: Executive coaching can be particularly useful during times of change, such as mergers, acquisitions, or reorganisations. By working with a Positive Breakthroughs coach, individuals can develop strategies to manage change, build resilience, and lead their teams through uncertain times.

5. Succession Planning: Executive coaching can also be helpful in preparing individuals for leadership roles in the future, such as through succession planning. By identifying potential leaders within an organization and developing their skills and abilities, executive coaching with Positive Breakthroughs can help ensure a smooth transition of leadership and continuity in the organisation.

Corporate EAP- Bespoke Corporate MAP (Mindfulness and Performance) program.

Corporate Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) with Positive Breakthroughs are designed to provide employees with confidential, professional support for a wide range of personal and work-related issues. EAPs are offered by many companies as a benefit to their employees and can have many potential benefits, including:

1. Increased Employee Well-Being: Positive Breakthroughs EAP can provide employees with access to counseling, coaching, and other support services that can help them manage stress, improve their mental health, and increase their overall well-being.

2. Improved Job Performance: By addressing personal and work-related issues, Positive Breakthroughs EAP can help employees improve their job performance, productivity, and engagement in the workplace.

3. Reduced Absenteeism and Turnover: Positive Breakthroughs EAP can help reduce absenteeism and turnover by providing employees with the support they need to manage personal and work-related issues. By addressing these issues early on, Positive Breakthroughs EAP can help prevent more serious problems from developing.

4. Cost Savings: Positive Breakthroughs EAP can help companies save money by reducing healthcare costs, improving productivity, and reducing the costs associated with absenteeism and turnover.

5. Positive Company Culture: By offering Positive Breakthroughs EAP, companies can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and create a more positive company culture. This can help attract and retain top talent, and improve overall employee morale and job satisfaction.5

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