Women's Day

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March 8th marks International Women’s Day 2022 with the theme, Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – a premise that recognizes the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future.

As the founder of Mind Hub Directory, I understand that gender equality begins at home. With five children – three daughters and two sons – I firmly believe that families play a crucial role in driving change. From breaking down gender stereotypes to sharing everyday household chores, families are at the forefront of creating a brighter future where gender equality thrives.

At home, my daughters confidently wash the car and tinker under the bonnet, while my sons can whip up mouth-watering meals in a flash. They’ve even learned to tackle the vacuum cleaner, emphasizing our commitment to progress in achieving gender balance.

Gender equality is equally vital in schools and workplaces. From preschool to adult education, women continue to face gender stereotyping and discrimination. Schools can serve as platforms for change, where teacher training can pave the way for lasting gender-equitable behaviors.

Unfortunately, the workplace still has a long way to go in achieving true gender equality. Women often face lower pay, less frequent promotions, and employment in different sectors compared to men. Many women make career sacrifices to prioritize motherhood, often returning to work on lower wages.

In the sporting arena, while we celebrate the rise of women’s sports, disparities persist. Male sports dominate in terms of pay, media exposure, fan engagement, and recognition. Achieving respect, recognition, and equality in women’s sports remains an ongoing battle.

As a woman who has faced unspeakable abuse and trauma, I’ve encountered bias, but I’ve learned to be resilient and resourceful. I’ve shared my challenging life experiences with the world to inspire change.

My keynote presentations revolve around shifting perspectives. It’s not about what happens to you but how you choose to perceive it. Changing our perspective empowers us and shapes our reality. When we realize our own strength, bias dissipates, and the world becomes a better place.

As Helen Reddy sang, “I am woman, hear me roar.” Celebrate your wonderful self this International Women’s Day. You are strong, invincible, and capable of incredible feats. Happy International Women’s Day. 

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