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As the founder of Mind Hub Directory, I established this business with the primary goal of providing a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking the right mental health practitioner, all within a single hub. Our mission is to connect people with the support they need while simplifying the process of finding the ideal therapist.

Toastmasters Golden Gavel Award Winner Liza Pavlakos Makes Executive Coaching Accessible to Business Owners

Victoria, Australia: To address the ongoing challenges posed by lockdown fatigue in Victoria, Mind Hub Directory, a coaching and counseling business specializing in executive coaching, psychotherapy, and counseling, recognizes the critical importance of caring for the mental health of business owners. Amid widespread job losses, the mental stress experienced by business owners and C-level executives often goes unnoticed. Mind Hub Directory aims to shift the paradigm by emphasizing the significance of caring for employees from the ground up.

According to The Guardian, one in five Australians reported high levels of psychological distress due to the pandemic in June 2021. The Australian Bureau of Statistics echoes this with a survey revealing that over one in four (27%) people living in Victoria experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress, compared to 18% in the rest of Australia.

Mind Hub Directory Founder and entrepreneur, Liza Pavlakos, emphasizes, “It’s times like these that hierarchies should be set aside. We must recognize that everyone plays an integral role within a company. It’s also a time to look out for one another as brothers and sisters. Humility is what will guide us through this pandemic.”

Being a founding member or business owner carries substantial privileges but also comes with increased demands and expectations. Adding the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix highlights the significant stress leaders face, including human capital management issues, budget constraints, production downtime, and more.

Pavlakos suggests, “Work should remain purposeful for employees, even when working from home. As business leaders, we need to think creatively to instill excitement about work. Consider engaging activities such as virtual pizza parties or themed gatherings to boost employee morale.”

On a management level, it’s essential to practice empathy, especially for parents juggling work and homeschooling. Providing parents with added flexibility in their work hours can make a substantial difference.

Pavlakos concludes, “Motivated staff will go above and beyond for their jobs, while those who feel unappreciated and drained will do the opposite.”

Executive coaching plays a crucial role in providing a supportive and confidential space for clients, helping them clarify goals, develop self-awareness, and realize their potential, as well as that of their employees. It equips leaders with resources and, with their permission, advice.

From a leadership perspective, executive coaching assists business owners and leaders in:

  • Motivating and inspiring their teams to excel.
  • Delivering results by aligning with the company’s goals and vision.
  • Gaining confidence in decision-making.
  • Understanding team members’ key characteristics.
  • Effectively managing conflicts and delegating tasks.

About Mind Hub Directory:
Founded by Liza Pavlakos, Mind Hub Directory collaborates with a team of experienced chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches dedicated to providing therapy for individuals. Liza is the recipient of the Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award for 2021 and has been recognised as one of the Top Female Speakers in the World in 2020. She has been featured on CNN, BBC, and other global media outlets.